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Things happy people do every day

Weโ€™ve all woken up in a bad mood, tired and not prepared for the day ahead. Working to this short check list is perfect for helping to boost your daily mood. Set yourself a goal Keep yourself organised and know what youโ€™re doing for the day. A to do list can help break your workload down into manageable chunks. Listen to music Listening to music, whatever it may be, is guaranteed to lift your mood ready for the day ahead. Eat Breakfast Missing your morning meal is bound to have the adverse effect on your day โ€“ believe it or not hanger is real! Make sure you grab a quick bowl of cereal or even make a brekkie you can...

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Nine attitudes of mindfulness

Adopting a mindful practice is perceived as easy, but it isnโ€™t necessarily the case. There are nine key attitudes and behaviour patterns that allow you to live mindfully all of which work together. Here we explain more about the nine key attitudes of mindfulness. Beginners Mind A beginnerโ€™s mind requires you to have an innocent and open attitude and approach to situations. This helps to grow your creativity and intelligence and prevents you from having pre conceived opinions on situations. Non-Judging Mindfulness is about seeing things in a clearer light. Sometimes, itโ€™s easy to impulsively judge in situations, leading to you to making a distinct decision on whether you like or dislike the subject. Being more mindful about a situation...

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