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Our Story

Mindfulness. Relaxation. Creativity. When we embrace these concepts, it’s easier to remember what really matters, and we can make space in our lives for activities that leave us content and fulfilled.

A few minutes a day, and a small corner where we can step back from the demands of a busy, technological world supports our overall creative wellbeing. A haven of time and space to unplug and unwind, refresh and refocus. Surrounded by things that make us happy, we can plan our day, reflect on our goals or even spend time creating something beautiful with our own hands. A moment or two, just for us, to replenish our sense of personal satisfaction.




Here at My Life Handmade, we take a wholistic approach to daily living, where functionality and comfort intersect in the most beautiful way possible. Our products feature attractive, contemporary designs and high-quality materials that have been sustainably sourced. We take our commitment to the environment seriously, so we emphasise durability over disposability, and we’re making the effort to remove plastic from all our packaging. Even our elegant, most giftable boxes are made with cardboard that’s recyclable.




My Life Handmade isn’t about what comes in the box—it’s about how you use it. Whether it’s a lovely accent for your home or the feel of soft wool at your fingertips, our products help you personalise your environment with things you love and create a feeling of well-being you can carry with you throughout the day.