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Nine attitudes of mindfulness

Adopting a mindful practice is perceived as easy, but it isn’t necessarily the case. There are nine key attitudes and behaviour patterns that allow you to live mindfully all of which work together.

Here we explain more about the nine key attitudes of mindfulness.

Beginners Mind

A beginner’s mind requires you to have an innocent and open attitude and approach to situations. This helps to grow your creativity and intelligence and prevents you from having pre conceived opinions on situations.


Mindfulness is about seeing things in a clearer light. Sometimes, it’s easy to impulsively judge in situations, leading to you to making a distinct decision on whether you like or dislike the subject.

Being more mindful about a situation allows you to look at things from a wider perspective, basing decisions on your own life experiences and taking everything into account. All in all, this gives you a wider and wiser look at the situation in question.


There is a fine line between patience and anger, but patience encourages you to keep calm under pressure and when things aren’t going your way. Patience is also a reminder to enjoy the smaller more precious moments in life.


Trust should incorporate the ongoing non-judgemental awareness to enable you to handle difficult situations in a more clear and positive way.

What’s more, it should enable us to trust ourselves to listen and not make a pre conceived opinion on a situation.


This means that you have contentment without having something big to achieve or accumulate towards. Instead, you’re happy with how things are going and are enjoying living in the moment.


Acceptance doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try and change anything. Instead you have an active recognition for the way things are and don’t have any resistance when it does come to change.

Letting Go

Letting go works alongside acceptance. Whilst letting go is about having the ability to let things be, this doesn’t stop you being welcome to change and gives you confidence that if this needs to happen you can trust that this process is for the best. In fact, letting go is great for allowing our lives to flow a little more.


Generosity represents you being at you’re happiest when you’re giving something rather than keeping things for yourself. It also enables people to see that you have a warm attitude which could encourage people to adopt a similar mindset.


Gratitude focuses on the more positive things in life, stopping the need for you to find negative things to complain about. Even when things are bad, gratitude can ensure you’re feeling grateful for surviving and even for learning from those times.

Getting the right balance of all of these mindful attitudes is a little difficult to do all at once, so why not focus on one at a time and gradually work them all into your day-to-day living?