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Six ways to boost your mood

Sometimes when your feeling down, thinking of things to boost your mood doesn’t come easily. Here are six suggestions on how you could improve your mood.

Share your worries

Bottling up your stresses is the worst thing you can do. Talking to someone is often the best cure for this and can often prompt change, whether this be at work or in your personal or social life.

Do something productive

Tackling the smallest of tasks can often give the biggest feeling of accomplishment. Whether that’s taking on the hoovering you’ve been putting off all week or tackling that mountain pile of dirty dishes, once you’ve got the job out of the way, you’ll feel relieved that little job is now off your plate.

Be there for yourself

You are your biggest advocate. Support, love and take care of yourself and don’t let anyone change that!

Establish a self-care routine

Make a list of all the things that make you happy and make a point of doing one a day. This could be a simple as watching movies or taking a long soak, or as big as travelling and starting your own travel journal. Keep your focus on feeling good!

Get creative

Find a hobby that keeps your mind busy and keep the negative thoughts at bay. This could be something stress free like painting or journaling, but if you feel more like an activity-based hobby why not consider netball or a crafting group?

Surround yourself with positivity

Keep spirits high when you’re feeling low by minimising the negativity from the people around you. Perhaps spend less time on your social profiles and replace this with listening to upbeat music or watching a feel-good film. The optimism will soon catch on.